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Welcome back

Happy new year! It has been lovely to welcome everyone back to school this morning, and a special 'well done' to Y2 with everyone in school. They will enjoy an extra treat this afternoon for being the only class with 100% attendance today.

I've thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each class this morning and taking part in their exciting learning. Y3 were doing some of their work underneath the tables while the air-raid siren was going off, just like children in 1939. They were waiting for the 'all-clear' signal so they could sit back at their desks. Y4 are working with one of the School Improvement Advisers this morning, finding out lots of facts about the internet. I was very impressed at their knowledge and skills already.

Y1 have enjoyed a PE session this morning and I enjoyed digging for treasure with the pupils in Reception and Nursery. It was exciting digging in the sand and soil and finding hidden treasures. Some were also finding ways of moving across planks of wood and investigating how they could work together with them.

It is great to see the children taking part in the exciting learning opportunities today and learning new skills and facts.