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Core Christian Values

Our school’s key Christian Values are Respect, Forgiveness, Appreciation and Wonder, Love, Care and Compassion and Equality.

Respect: All pupils are encouraged to recognise the uniqueness of each human being, show love and respect for all and value difference and diversity within our own and the wider community. This extends to respect for all aspects of the created world. We enable pupils to consider how they can make a positive contribution to our school, local, national and global communities.

Forgiveness: This key Christian principle, exemplified in the teachings and action of Jesus, is the basis of our school community and spiritual life. Pupils are encouraged to say sorry, accept apologies and build positive relationships. Every day, children have the chance to start again. We want our pupils to understand that it is okay to make mistakes as long as repentance is shown.

Appreciation and wonder: We encourage all members of our community to develop the capacity to ask and respond to questions of meaning and purpose. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop a sense of appreciation and wonder about our world and our place within it. We expect everyone to listen to others and reflect spiritually on their thinking.

Love, Care and Compassion: Pupils are expected to show love, care and compassion for others through their daily work in school and through their contribution to others in the wider community.

Equality: We follow the teachings of Jesus by treating all people equally regardless of age, ability, gender, race and religion. Relationships within the school are characterised by fairness and we create opportunities for all to promote equality. We provide the opportunity for all members of the community to be heard.