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Visions and Values


Deeply Christian, serving the common good


Mission Statement:

At Wallsend St Peter's we are a child-centred community based in a firm faith foundation with God at the heart of all we do. We aim to nurture, challenge and inspire our children to flourish in all aspects of school life and to go on to be lifelong learners with a strong Christian ethos and British values which they will then cherish and demonstrate as productive citizens in the wider community. 

Curriculum Drivers



We aim to provide the opportunities for all children to participate in activities which go above and beyond those they would regularly experience. These experiences will add to the cultural capital of our children as well as providing first-hand understanding of how our learning fits into the wider community.



We will ensure all children are exposed to exciting and interesting vocabulary throughout our school in order to allow them to use an expanded vocabulary choice when expressing themselves orally or in written work. A greater vocabulary will also allow for better understanding and comprehension of written texts the children will access as part of our curriculum.



We will provide all children with the tools and skills which will allow them to pursue their lifelong ambitions, knowing there are no barriers they can’t overcome. Children will be shown the links between the learning that they are undertaking in school and links to their goals.

Loving God. Loving others. Be the best that we can be.



The Average Child by Mike Buscemi


I don’t cause teachers trouble;

My grades have been okay.

I listen in my classes.

I’m in school every day.

My teachers think I’m average;

My parents think so too.

I wish I didn’t know that, though;

There’s lots I’d like to do.

I’d like to build a rocket;

I read a book on how.

Or start a stamp collection…

But no use trying now.

’Cause, since I found I’m average,

I’m smart enough you see

To know there’s nothing special

I should expect of me.

I’m part of that majority,

That hump part of the bell,

Who spends his life unnoticed

In an average kind of hell.


There are no average children in our school