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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Our Governing Body is currently structured as follows:


Mrs L Wright - Foundation Governor - Chair of Governors

Mrs C Withers - Foundation Governor - Vice Chair of Governors

Miss E Bilton - Headteacher

Miss A Brunton - Local Authority Governor

Mrs C Macmillan - Parent Governor

Ms J Hinson - Foundation Governor

Mr L. Fielding-Smith - Parent Governor

Mr N Piper - Staff Governor

Mrs F Rickwood - Foundation Governor


Vacancy - Foundation Governor

Vacancy - Foundation Governor

Vacancy - Foundation Governor



Mrs Kathleen Wallace - Clerk to the Governing Body



What the Governors do                                                                                                              

The role of the Governors is very wide and covers all aspects of school life. To enable us to manage all this effectively we all have different areas of interest/responsibility, so each governor will generally arrange monitoring visits or other activities to look into their area of responsibility and produce a report for the rest of the governors. Some areas, such as pupil progress and finances, are monitored by the whole group.

The main areas of responsibility are:

  • To share in the vision and ethos and strategic direction of the school
  • The safety, well-being and security of pupils
  • To monitor the effectiveness of the school and contribute to development plans.
  • To ensure each child makes good progress in all aspects of their education
  • To monitor the appraisal of staff and ensure staff are respected and given every opportunity to further their educational practice and career.
  • To monitor the finances of the school
  • To make sure the school premises are well managed, safe and secure and that the children enjoy a really good learning environment.
  • To agree all policies and monitor their implementation
  • To be involved in the employment of staff and monitor the implementation of current policies in relation to employment
  • To monitor the use of Pupil Premium money.

Foundation Governor

The inclusion of Foundation Governors on the governing bodies of both Aided and Controlled schools is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a Church school. The Foundation Governors represent the historic link with the original establishment of the school and its distinctive religious ethos.

In most ways Foundation Governors are the same as other governors. All governors are entrusted with the responsibility for formulating policies which produce a well-managed school. Their duties cover monitoring the curriculum, finance, personnel and premises to ensure that the school functions efficiently. A minority are in place ex-officio (by right of office), these are usually the local incumbent and, occasionally, representatives of trusts or other bodies.

Most Foundation Governors are appointed by either the Diocesan Education Board or the Parochial Church Council (PCC). This is in recognition of the fact that the PCC is the voice of the Church in the locality and the Diocesan Education Board has responsibility for formulating policies which affect all Church schools in the diocese. The exact composition of a school's governing body is determined by its Instrument of Government. Foundation Governors serve a four year term of office which may be renewable.


Local Authority Governor

Local authority governors work as part of the governing body team to promote high standards of educational achievement for every child. Local authority governors are a representative of the local authority; expected to behave with integrity and to never bring the reputation of the school or the Council into disrepute. Governors always operate in the best interests of pupils.

The role of the local authority governor is to bring a perspective about how the school fits into the wider provision of education, and they play a key role in ‘linking’ the governing body to information about educational developments and Council priorities.


Parent Governor

Parent governors are elected by parents for a term of four years. At the end of that time the position will be advertised through school and parents asked to apply, with a vote of parents in determining who their representatives will be on the governing body.

They represent parents and aim to give a parents perspective on how the school is run, to make sure the school provides the best possible provision for our children.

They welcome parent ideas and suggestions and are always happy to talk and listen; however, they cannot comment on any individual complaints but can advise you of the correct procedures to take.


Parent Governors: 


Catherine Macmillan

Louis Fielding-Smith


Annual attendance at Governors meetings 2020-21