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Disco on Wednesday

I have had a few parents asking why the children will wear their uniform for the disco on Wednesday so I would like to explain the reasons for this.

It causes anxiety among some pupils when they are dressed in their normal clothes at school which can have a knock-on effect on their behaviour or cause distress. As I do not want any child to feel distressed, the decision was made to keep it simple and pupils would just continue to wear their uniform. Those pupils who cannot cope well when things are different will feel more at ease.

Pressure can also be put on parents to buy new clothes for their child, and as it is just before the holidays we did not want to put undue pressure on parents at an expensive time.

Also, as the disco is to be held during the school day, there is no need for them to get changed.


Last year there was not a disco at the end of term so the disco has been organised as a treat. If you would prefer your child to not be included in this treat then please let us know and we will arrange for them to be in a classroom with a member of staff instead. Thank you.