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It is vitally important that children attend school, as good attendance helps children to develop academically, socially and emotionally.

As a school we have set a target of 96.1% attendance, which is in line with the National Standard. Children who have 100% attendance are rewarded weekly, with extra prizes available at the end of each term. However, we are aware that unfortunately children sometimes cannot attend school due to an illness. We have many staff qualified in first-aid who can administer prescribed medicines when necessary. Please see our Managing Medicines policy for more information about this.


If your child is ill, you must telephone school first thing in the morning to explain the reason for the absence. If we are not informed, then a truancy call home will be made. These are our procedures for unexplained absences from school. Our number is 0191 2007248.

Unfortunately, there have been cases made public recently where schools have not chased up the reasons as to why children are off school and it then transpired that there had been tragic circumstances around these absences. To prevent this from happening at our school, we will do everything that we can, and I am sure that you would agree that the children's safety is the first priority for us all.

If your child is absent, and we have not heard from you, then we will start to call the contact numbers that you provided in order to find the reason for the absence. However, if after trying all of the numbers from the contact list and we haven't had any response, then we will report it to the police as your child will be classed as a 'missing child'. 

This procedure is only in place so that we can be assured that you are all safe. Please make an appointment to speak with me if you would like to discuss this further.