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Maths home learning video lessons and worksheets!

Maths home learning video lessons and worksheets! 1
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R.E (Religious Education)

R.E (Religious Education) 1

Home learning packs


Spring Term Topic: Vikings

Spring Term Topic: Vikings 1


Science 1

This half term in Year 5 we have been looking at ‘Changes in materials’. Below are a list of experiments and activities that you could do with your child at home to continue their learning. These do not need to be bought in or be expensive, they have been created to be used with everyday objects that can be found around the house. You do not need to do them all, a selection has been included for you to decide which ones you would like to do. If possible, take photos and upload these onto our Facebook/Twitter Page so we can see what you got up to! A good way to record and send us some evidence would be to write a recount of what happened, a set of instructions or creating a table so others can carry out the same experiment. 


·       Gathering a range of materials and seeing which are soluble,

·       How long does an ice cube take to melt in different conditions?,

·       Help to cook a meal – What does the food look like to begin with, what does it look like during and what does it look like after? What changed? 

·      Is it possible to mix two liquids together and then separate them again?

·      Investigating hardness – find 5 objects from the house and create a table on their strength. 


Enjoy! Please share with us any experiments you are able to do! 

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English: - Twinkl have kindly agreed to parents logging in to these resources for free so their children can access these at home 


P.E (Physical Education): - Workout with the Body Coach - Joe Wicks - Yoga and mindfulness fun for kids, using stories to connect with - Just Dance - Children mirror a dance performed by the actors on the screen



Spring term learning:

Literacy: Newspapers and then Narrative 

Maths: Multiplication and division and then fractions 

Topic: Vikings 

Science: Properties and Changes of Materials

Things to do indoors with children

Things to do indoors with children 1