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Year 3

All the work we are setting daily for you can be accessed on Google Classroom. If you need paper packs of any of this please get in touch with us on 0191 6053407 or email where we can arrange for you to collect this.

Monday 7th December


Good morning,


We are now finished our assessment week activities so we are back to our normal Monday of lessons. In English we are looking at the Haiku that we will be using to facilitate our learning before Christmas. I would like you to read this Haiku and make notes on it using the questions that I have asked at the bottom of the page as well as anything else you may have thought about the poem. In maths we are recapping our understanding of place value and what each digit means in a 3 digit number. In guided reading there is a comprehension sheet for you to follow. 


Finally, we are continuing to look at fossils and rocks, I have copied a link below to the BBC Bitesize page for you to explore the videos on the page as well as complete the activities.


Mr Piper

Wednesday 2nd December


Good morning,


As you know this week is assessment week in school so we are completing assessments in class as opposed to completing full lessons. I have uploaded some documents below with assessment questions on them for you to work through. In the reading assessments you need to read the document first and then answer the questions about it. There is a 20 question maths assessment for you to complete which covers things that we have done so far this year. Finally, for the SPaG document I would like you to complete the sentences using words that make sense in the sentence.


Mr Piper

Tuesday 17th November


Today we will be looking at using arrays in our maths work, exploring how they can help us understand multiplication calculations. In English we are staring to look at writing our own set of innovated instructions which you planned yesterday using your pictures. On the document below are the steps to creating your own version of the introduction and equipment list to start your instructions as tomorrow we will be moving onto the method.


This afternoon will be ICT and today the children are looking at creating a word document. I would like you to use Word or Google Docs to create a document where you can write down a short recap of your holiday.


Mr Piper

Aut3.9.3 - Using arrays

This is "Aut3.9.3 - Using arrays" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Monday 16th November


Good morning, today we are starting our work all about multiplication and division in maths which will today be looking at equal groups and how they can help us with multiplication calculations. In English, you are going to be planning our own set of instructions all about how to feed a tiger. This afternoon we will be learning all about fossils in science and how they are formed.


Mr Piper

Aut3.9.1 - Multiplication - equal groups

This is "Aut3.9.1 - Multiplication - equal groups" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Thursday 12th November


Today we are continuing with our work on instructions and today that involves completing an activity based on imperative verbs. You may have used these in Year 2 but called them bossy verbs. In maths we are completing our work on addition and subtraction by recapping column addition and completing word problems. In RE we are looking at 'The Fall' which is the Story of Adam and Eve and how they fell from grace in the eyes of God 


Mr Piper

Wednesday 11th November


Continuing today we are looking at word problems in maths, using our column subtraction skills to solve them. In English we are looking at our work on Fronted Adverbials and how to use them in instructions. Linking with the English work on Instructions we have a reading comprehension to complete for our guided reading lesson. Finally, we have a history lesson which is looking at creating a timeline of the Stone Age.


Mr Piper

Tuesday 10th November


Today we have English Maths and French for you to complete. In English you are looking at rhetorical questions and then how to create your own. In maths we are checking our answers by performing inverse operations. In French Mr Livings has planned a lesson all about a light festival in Lyon for us to investigate.

Aut3.8.4 - Check answers

This is "Aut3.8.4 - Check answers" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Monday 9th November


Today we have another maths video for you to watch and then complete the task below which is all about estimating answers to help us. In English there is a features of the instructional writing we will be using with examples from the text. To complete the task colour each feature in a different colour so you can match the five different features to the examples form the text as well as the impact that they have on the reader. In science today we are looking at sorting rocks by their properties.


Mr Piper

Aut3.8.3 - Estimate answers to calculations

This is "Aut3.8.3 - Estimate answers to calculations" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Friday 6th November


Today we have English which is looking at comparing two information texts as well as maths where we are looking at subtracting 3 digit numbers. In our Science lesson we will be looking at different types of rock. 


All the resources are below, If you need any support please contact the school office.


Mr Piper

Maths video

Use this teaching video to explore the acticity you will be doing today before completing your task.