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Summer self care activities

Monday 29th June


Good morning everyone, as I mentioned last week there will be no daily work posted on our class page this week as Miss Bilton has bought us all some books to work through and return to school in September. If you have not been to school and picked up your books yet don't worry I will be dropping them off for you after school today. I managed to deliver some of them on Friday and it was lovely to see some of your faces again so I look forward to seeing some more of you today.


If you are looking for work to do daily you can use the BBC Bitesize website as well as the Oak Academy on the links below as both of these sites will put up lessons every day.


Mr Piper

Friday 26th June


Good morning everyone, as I have said today will be the last day I put work on our class page daily for you to complete. Instead, you can collect some work books from school to complete for your new teacher when you come back in September.


Today rather than completing work like we have done so far during your time at home I would like you to write a recount. The recount should be of your favourite memory of Year 3. This can be anything that has happened this year at school or on any trips. It does not have to be in the classroom it could be something that has happened on the yard or anywhere else in school.


I would love to see your recounts either by sending them to school via email or twitter or you could even bring them into school when you return in September.


If you wish to continue doing daily maths and English lessons as well as the work books from school you can look on the BBC Bitesize website who will have daily lessons or you could also use oak national academy website who also have lots of learning for you. I will continue to post some links on our class page to challenges or Mrs Brown's YouTube reading so keep checking back.


I have loved teaching each and every one of you this Year you are an amazing class who will be an incredible Year 4 class for whoever is your teacher next year.


Mr Piper

Thursday 25th June


Good morning everyone, today is the last day for this week we will be doing our English and maths lessons as I have a different idea for the work that we will be doing tomorrow. Today you have a research task in English about brave children from around the world. In maths we are looking at parallel and perpendicular lines, and finally in PSHE we are looking at different jobs you may want to do when you are older.


Remember that you can pick up your work books from school for next week as there will not be daily work put on the school website from Monday.


Mr Piper

Wednesday 24th June


Good morning everyone, today we are continuing with the maths and English we have been working on so far this week. Additionally, we have an RE lesson where we are looking at the celebrations and festivals of Judaism.


This will be the last week I will be putting daily work on the website like this because Miss Bilton has bought some fantastic books which cover and recap everything you have been learning this year. These are available from the school office all this week. When you move to Year 4 next year you will bring these books in on your first day and your teacher will work through these to find anything you may have found difficult. 


Mr Piper

Tuesday 23rd June


Good morning everyone, below are your activities today. In maths we have a White Rose lesson where you have to compare the size of angles, in English you have an activity where you are asked to draw your interpretation of the extract you are given. Finally, we have our last History lesson for the term and I am asking you to make something or create a poster about what you have learned.


Mr Piper

Monday 22nd June


Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and didn't miss your school work too much. Today you have maths, English and science. In maths we are using the White Rose video to learn about right angles in shapes and in English we are looking at an extract of a book called The Ice Palace. Finally, in science we are looking at how to stay safe in the sun and you will be designing either a hat or sunglasses followed by making a poster to explain how to stay safe in the sun.


Mr Piper

Friday 19th June


Good morning everyone and welcome to the last day of our week. Today we will be completing your non-chronological reports, solving a challenge in maths which requires you to use your multiplication and division skills we have been using this week. Finally you have the choiuce of either computing, DT or PE to choose from for your third lesson.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend, hopefully the weather will be nice for us.


Mr Piper

Thursday 18th June


Good morning everyone, I know it is your favourite time of the day when you find out what work you will be doing today. In English you will start writing your non-chronological report about an animal that you researched yesterday. In maths you are going to use the times tables skills you have recapped so far this week in order to answer reasoning problems. Finally, in PSHE you will be looking at the importance of a diverse and tolerant society and creating a poem to celebrate it.


Mr Piper

Wednesday 17th June


Good morning everyone, today we have your final lesson on learning your times tables where we are looking at our 8 times table. In English you have research to carry out on an animal which you will use tomorrow to start writing your non-chronological report. Finally, in RE we will be continuing to look at the Jewish faith, today this will be by looking at special places.


If you go to Mrs Brown's Youtube channel on the link below you will see she has started to read us a new book called The Dreamsnatcher. I have included the links to the first 2 chapters below and from tomorrow each new one will be placed on the class read section of our class page.


Mr Piper (chapter 1) (chapter 2)



Tuesday 16th June


Good morning, today we are continuing with our work on non-chronological reports in English and times tables in maths. In history our work this week is about what Ancient Egyptians thought about the afterlife and the things they would do in preparation for this.


Mr Piper

Monday 15th June


Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a lively weekend and are all ready for another week of fantastic work.


This week in English we are going to be working on non-chronological reports starting today with you completing a comprehension activity about butterflies. In maths we are going to revisit our multiplication tables starting with our 3 X table today. In science we are continuing with our topic of light which this week is all about reflection and mirrors.


Mr Piper 

Friday 12th June


Good morning everyone, I hope you have all had a lovely week even though the weather has not been quite as nice as it was the week before. I have had a very tiring week teaching some of the Year 1 children even though I don't have a full class.


Today's lessons are for you to write a story in English based on the extract we have been looking at, use metal addition skills to solve a problem in maths and then you get your choice of lessons for your third lesson from ICT, D&T or music.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and stay safe.


Mr Piper

Thursday 11th June


Good morning everyone, today you have a diary entry to write as if you are a character in the illustration. In maths you have word problems to calculate using the addition and subtraction skills you have been using so far this week. Finally, we have a PSHE lesson from BBC Bitesize where you will be identify the positive things about yourself and linking them to the importance of teamwork.


Mr Piper

Wednesday 10th June


Good morning everyone, today we have a subtraction lesson in maths where we will be using column subtraction including exchanging. In English you have a choice to either write a newspaper report or you can create a news video and record it. In our RE lesson we will be continuing to look at Judaism and specifically the Ten Commandments. 


I hope you are all staying safe and still managing to get out on walks even though the weather isn't as nice as it was last week.


Mr Piper 

Tuesday 9th June


Good morning everyone, today you have English and maths lessons which are continuing on from yesterday's work. In English you are illustrating a possible part of the book using your prediction skills from yesterday and in maths you are completing column addition calculations which include exchanging. Finally, in history today you are learning about why the River Nile was so important to the Ancient Egyptians.


I am looking forward to welcoming in some of the Year 1 children today and I will enjoy having children back in class to teach. I wish it was our class I was teaching but we are hopefully moving forwards towards you returning soon. I am sure they will not be quite as amazing as you all are but it will nice to have a small class back in school 



Mr Piper

Monday 8th June


Good morning everyone i hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I had a nice walk to the beach from my house and even though the weather wasn't very nice I enjoyed watching the waves crashing into the rocks and spraying into the air. Today I will be working with Miss Smith all day to get ready for my first day teaching some of the the Year 1 children from tomorow.


Today we are starting work on an interesting new book but I'm not going to tell you the name of the book becasue it is part of your task today to try and think of what the book may be called. In maths we are continuing to revise some of our importat skills by spending this week looking at addition and subtractions calculations. Finally, we have another science lesson where you will be investigating different reflected materials.


I am missing seeing all of you each day and hearing all your stories and seeing your work. Hopefully we are moving towards being able to all be in school soon but for now we just need to keep being safe.


Mr Piper

Friday 5th June


Good morning everyone, today we have the final day of revising place valaue where you will be ordering numbers. In English there is a homophones lesson where you will be revising the difference between there, their and they're. Finally, you have a choice of the lesson you can complete for your third lesson today. The choices are DT, french or ICT. You can choose one of these lessons to do or if you feel like a challenge you could complete all 3.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I am working with Miss Smith today to get ready for teaching some of the Year 1 pupils next week. I hope that this means we can all be back in Year 3 soon but for now we have to make sure we are all staying safe.


Mr Piper

Thursday 4th June


Good morning everyone, I hope you are all staying safe and home. Today we are fininshing our work on Gregory Cool with you writing a postcard in the style of the extract that we have been looking at. In maths we are expanding on the work we did yesterday by comparing numbers instead of objects. 


Finally today we have a PSHE lesson which is based around looking at feelings that we all experience from time to time. It is more important than ever to understand the emotions we are feeling at this time when things are not normal as they were when we were at school. 


Mr Piper

Wednesday 3rd June


Good morning everyone, today we are continunig with our place value knowledge in maths and our work on Gregory Cool in English. In RE today we are going to start looking at Judaism and how judaism was formed.


I hope you are all well and I look forward to seeing you all soon when it is safe for us to be back at school together.


Mr Piper

Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning everyone, today we are continuing with our work on both our place value skills in our maths work and in English there is a task for you to illustrate a picture based on the text extract. In History today we are exploring some of the different gods that the Ancient Egyptians worshipped.


Yesterday I got to see all the other teachers and staff in school for the first time since we all broke up. It was nice to see everyone but it was strange being in school and seeing all the classrooms set up for some children coming back next week. All of the teachers are missing the children being back in school and we hope we can get back to you being back in school soon but for now make sure you are all staying safe.


Mr Piper

Class Read


Egyptian stories  (Egyptian Folk Tales. The Red Slippers) (Egyptian Myths and Legends - Osiris & Isis) (Years 3&4 - Egyptian Creation Mythology) (Egyptian Tradition Burial Customs) (The wax crocodile) (The green ring)


Miss Brown is very generously reading a class read for us just as we would at the end of each school day. Here are the links to the story that she has read for us so far, I will upload new links here everytime she adds a new video. (prologue and chapter 1)  (chapter 2 & 3)  (chapter 4 & 5)  (chapter6 & 7) (chapter 8 & 9) (chapter 10) (chapter 11 & 12) (chapter13 & 14) (chapter 15) (chapter 16) (chapter 17 & 18) (chapter 19) (chapter 20 & 21) (chapter 22) (chapter 23 & 24) (chapter 25 & 26) (chapter 27) (Chapter 28 & 29) (Chapter 30 & 31) (chapter 32 & 33) (Chapter 34 & 35)

Additional links that may be useful        This is a great site for some maths games to make learning engaging      The BBC are producing daily lessons in different subjects for all school year groups     Practise your spellings on spelling shed or challenge yourself on your times tables on                                                                   maths shed      Joe Wicks is doing daily workouts at 9am        Cosmic kids yoga is a great way to exercise and relax at the same time    Keep up to date with what is happening all around the world by watching Newsround.




Monday 1st June


Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great week enjoying the weather but still staying safe. If you watch Newsround any other news today you may hear about some children going back to school today. As disapointed as I am that we are not one of the year groups coming back to school just yet it does mean that hopefully we are closer to being back together in Year 3 soon. Until then I will get a chance to teach some of the Year 1 children who will be coming back to school from next week.


Until we are able to come back to school I will continue to put work onto our class page each day for you to complete. Today we will start recapping some skills in maths looking at place value work this week to refresh your understanding of this topic. In English we will be looking at another book this week which is Gregory Cool by Caroline Birch. Starting today you will be looking at an extract from the book and writing a short paragraph about your thoughts on the extract. Finally, we are starting our final science topic of the year looking at light.


I can't wait to be teaching you again in class hopefully soon but until then stay safe.


Mr Piper 

Fun activities to try during half term

Friday 22nd May


Today is Friday and it is also the last day of our half term. I know that this half term has been different than anything that you have ever done before but thank you for continuing to work as you have been doing. It has also been different for the adults in your house who have been looking after you. 


For this reason, today we are going to go about things a little bit differently. I know normally your parents may support you with the work but today I would like you to do your work independently. This is becasue today you only have one task, you have to write a letter to the adults in your house.


In your letter I would like you to say thank you to them, they have looked after you all this half term when you would normally have been at school so it is only fair that we thank them. We have written letters before so I know you can do this independently. Make sure you get the basics of your letter right which are:


  • Start with Dear
  • Write in paragraphs
  • your first paragraph should explain why you are writing


Other than the basics above don't worry too much about anything else in your letter just make sure you explain why you are thanking them. Think of the help they may have given you with your work, the games they might have played with you or even just the way that they have kept you safe.


Remember to write in the first person as it is a personal letter that you are writing to them. 


Next week is half term so I will not be posting daily work on our class page but this will start again on the 1st of June. I hope you stay safe over the half term week and I hope to see you all as soon as possible. There are teachers in school all next week if you do need anything from school contact the school office. 


Parents/Carers a huge thank you from me for the support you have shown through this half term to your children with their work. 


Mr Piper

Thursday 20th May


Good morning everyone, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather and making the most of when going out for exercise. I have been having a water fight in my garden with water pistols.


Today we have a maths lesson where we will be working through dividing 2 digit numebrs by 1 digit numbers. In English we will be looking at the use of subordinating conjuncitons in our writing. Finally, in RE we will be finishing our unit of work by looking at the beliefs of Christians about God. 


I can't wait to see you all again hopefully soon but in this warm weather it is more important than ever to make sure you are staying safe if you are outdoors and making sure you are keeping your distance from people who you do not live with.


Mr Piper

Wednesday 20th May


Good morning, I hope you are all staying safe. Today we have an English lesson which looks at how to make your writing more interesting by using expanded noun phrases. In maths we are continuning looking at multiplication but this time we are going to be multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. Finally, I have uploaded an art lesson which we would have been completing if we were in school.


Mrs Brown on her YouTube channel is reading Egyptian myths and legends for us. Click on the link below to check out the stories.


Mr Piper

Tuesday 19th May


Good morning, today we will be continuing to work on our multiplication tables by looking at our 4 and 8 times tables. In English we will be using the BBC Bitesize site to recap what we should already know about similes and metaphors. Finally, in science we are completing our magnets and forces topic by asking you to design a game which would use magnets to play the game. 


Mr Piper

Monday 18th May


Good morning everyone and welcome to our last week before the half term break. This week in maths we are going to be working on multiplication and division and in English we will be looking at some grammar and punctuation lessons. Our third lesson today is looking at Egyptian Hieroglyphs which was how Ancient Egyptians recorded their writing.


I hope that I can see you all soon but for now it is imoortant that we all continue to stay safe.


Mr Piper

Friday 15th May  


Good morning everyone, today is the last day of the week and we are going to finish our work on both money and Charlotte's Web.  I have also set a task for you to complete for our PE lesson which involves you creating your own game to teach to others.


I hope you are all staying safe and enjoy the weekend, hopefully we are moving closer to when I can see you all again but it important for now that we keep safe.


I miss you all and I can't wait to see you all again.


Mr Piper

Thursday 14th May


Good morning, we have a exciting set of lessons for you to attempt today starting with adding money in maths. In English we are continuting woth tasks taken form our class novel when we return which is Charlotte's Web. Finally, in PSHE we have a lesson based around resillience and why it is an important character trait to demonstrate.


I hope you are all keeping safe and have been making the most of the opportunities you may have had during this time away from school. I can't wait to see you all in class again and hear about all the new skills you have learned while you have been away whether these are cooking, creative or even tying your shoelaces I can't wait to hear them all. I miss seeing your smiling faces everyday in school. 


Mr Piper

Wednesday 12th May


Good morning, we have another task for English relating to the extract from Charlotte's Web. Today we are also moving onto working with pounds and pence and coverting between the two after we finished our fraction work yesterday. Finally, we have a RE lesson in which we are looking at baptisms and how they take place in the Christian faith.


Mr Piper

Tuesday 12th May


Good morning, today is the final day of our fractions work and is along the same lines as yesterday but today we are looking at subtracing fractions instead of adding them. Continuing with our work on Charlotte's Web you have an illustration task to do, you can even get other people in your house to take part to see if you come up with the same ideas. Finally, we have a science lessson which continues our work on magnets from last week.


I hope you were all able to start to help out with cooking and preparing meals yesterday. I made a vegetable lasagne for the first time yesterday and I was very proud of how it turned out. I would love to see any meals you are able to help with in your house, you can share these by twitter or emailing the school.


Mr Piper

Monday 11th May


Good morning everyone, I hope you have all had a nice weekend and were able to see some of the fantastic celerations for VE day of Friday.


Today we will be starting our 4th weeek of fractions by looking at adding fractions. In English we will be looking at another text extract but this week the extract that we will look at will be from the book which will become our class read when we are all able to return to school. Finally, we will be looking at possibly the most famous Pharoah of all time Tutankhamun in our history lesson.


This week your challenge is to help whoever in your house cooks your meals. Cooking is a fantastic life skill to learn so make the most of this time before we can all get back to school to help out and learn a new skill. Always stay safe and follow instructions from your adult when cooking.


Mr Piper

Friday 8th May


Today is a Bank Holiday in order to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. As it is a day when we wouldn't normally be in school I won't be setting work for maths and English like normal. Instead I would like to set you a task of finding out as much as you can about VE Day and why we celebrate it. I will upload some links to reading tasks and other activities below but do not feel like you have to do these you could research on the internet or any other way you would like.


Have a lovely weekend and stay safe, I hope you have all managed to complete the challange of doing something nice for the people in your house everyday this week but if not you still have this weekend to make up for any days you have missed.


Don't forget that Mrs Brown has been reading a class novel for us and uploading the videos on the links on our class page.


Mr Piper

Thursday 7th May


Good morning everyone, today we are continuing work on fractions as well as another task based on our text extract. In our curriculum lesson we have some PSHE which looks at people who are special to us in our lives.


Mrs Brown has uploaded the latest segement of our class read to watch on the link below.


Mr Piper

Wednesday 5th May


Goodmorning everyone, today we another extract from our English text this week and in Maths we are moving onto comparing fractions which builds on the work we have done so far on fractions. In our curriculum lesson for today we are looking at the Holy Trinity in RE and you will be producing some artwork based on each part of the trinity.


Mrs Brown has added another very interesting chapter from our class read on the link below.

I hope you are all continuing to stay safe and looking after the other people in your house. Remember the challenge that I set you at the start of the week to do something helpful for other people in your house this week without them noticing.


Mr Piper

Tuesday 5th May


Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well and you have started your challenge of doing one helpful thing a day without other people in your house noticing. 


Today our lessons are;


English - drawing illustrations from a text extract

Maths - equivalent fractions 

Science - magnetic materials 


Don't forget to go and look at the fantastic story that Mrs Brown is reading and uploading the viseos to YouTube, all the links are on the class page just below.


Mr Piper

Monday 4th May


Good moring everyone, welcome to week 3 of our Summer term and as we have the previous two Mondays today there are maths, English and History lessons for you.


Maths - equivalent fractions 

English - exploring text from a book and explainig understanding

History - What are mummies and why did Egyptians make them?


As always make sure you are staying safe, hopefully we are moving closer to the point where we can be back in school together. This week I would like you to to choose one helpful thing to do to help in your house everyday and see if you can do them sneakily so your parents or anyone else in your house doesnt even notice that you have helped.


Mr Piper

Friday 1st May


Good morning everyone. As you will know today is the start of a new month and hopefully we are now moving closer to when we can return to some form of normal and be back in school together. 


Until then thank you for doing the work that is being set each day as this will help us lots when we do get back to school.


Today we have out final English task of the week looking at our text extract. We are also now looking at equivalent fractions in maths as well as PE with lots of links for being active indoors. You can also keep an eye on our school twitter which is @wallsendstpeter to see different challenges throughout the week.


Mr Piper

Thursday 30th April


Hi everyone, today I have 3 lessons for you. As well as our English and maths which are continuing on from yesterday's work we are also looking at a PSHE lesson which is based around feelings. 


Keep wathcing Mrs Brown's videos of our class reas I know you will agree she is doing a fantastic job.


I hope you aren't missing school too much but I can't wait to have you back in class hopefully soon.


Mr Piper

Wednesday 29th April


Hello everyone I hope you are all staying safe at home. Today I have sorted 3 more lessons for you to continue your journey to becoming a super massive genius just like me. We have an English lesson continunig to look at the text extract we have been working from. We are also moving onto finding non-unit fractions of amounts in maths, and in RE we will be looking at 'The Grace' taken from Corinthians. 


Mrs Brown is continuing to add to her videos of our class read so click on them below to hear the latest chapter.


Today I have an extra challange for you all which is to help someone in your house create or prepate a meal. This can be helping them with peeling or cutting up vegetables or stirring a pan. It can even be as simple as getting the cuttelry out for everyone or getting a drink. Remember these are difficult times for everyone and adults need help too.


Mr Piper

Tuesday 28th April


Today we are building on the work we started yesterday in English by reading the extract again and then drawing what you can imagine from the description. In maths we are continuing with learning about fractions by looking at fraction of objects. As our foundation subject lesson today we have science where I have designed an experiment that you can carry out in your house or when you are outside for yoru daily exercise. 


Mrs Brown is also always adding videos of her reading our class read so click on the links below to check those out.


I loved seeing the work that Shola has been doing which he sent to the school office email thank you, it is so good to see how you are all getting on. Please send any updates you would like to share with me via the school twitter account or


Mr Piper

Monday 27th April


Welcome back to our class page for week 2 of our Summer term. Today we are going to continue to look at fractions, looking specifically at fractions on a numebr line today. In our English lessons today we will be looking at anextract from a book. Starting this week we be lookign at a different book extract each week and completing some work based on them. Finally today we have a history lesson looking at what life was like in Ancient Egypt and completing tasks on that.


As always, I reall do miss seeing you all everyday but stay safe at home and please contact school if you have any issues or any questions regarding the work.


Mr Piper

Friday 24th April


Hellow everyone, today is the last day of the first week of work after the Easter holidays and I would like to thank all of you who have been completing the work I have been uploading each day for you. It has been very strange being in school all week and only seeing two of our wonderful class so I can't wait to have you all back in class as soon as we can.


Today we have a continuation of our work on fractions and our work on The Frog Prince Continued. We also have the final writing of instrucions using the skills we have looked at this week. Finally, I have uploaded some ideas of how you could do PE and be active at home just like we would be doing if we were in school.


Mrs Brown has also uploaded the next 2 chapters of her reading our class novel for you to listen to so I have added that link to the class read section of our class page.


Stay safe everyone I miss you all.


Mr Piper

Thursday 23rd April


Today we are again continuing with working on fractions in maths and instructional writing in English. We are also looking at more of The Frog Prince Continues and an activity for you to think as if you are the frog prince and write to the princess. Finally, there is a PSHE lesson based on looking at how to stay safe when online.


Mr Piper

Wednesday 22nd April


Today we are continuing with our work on fractions and writing instructions in maths as well as looking at the next two pages in The Frog Prince Continued. For our curriculum lesson today we have an RE lesson which involves looking at the story of John the Baptist by wathcing a Youtube video. You will then be comparing two paintings of the baptism. 


I hope you are all well and you are looking after the other people in your house.


Mr Piper

Tuesday 21st April


Today we are going to continue working on fractions and writing instructions. As well as this I have included the first lesson in our new science topic which is forces and magnets. We also have the first pages of our new book which we will be looking at in the next few weeks.


Your lesson objectives today are:


Maths - make a whole using fractions

English - adding time fronted adverbials to your instructions

Reading - using illustrations and a front cover to predict a book

Science - exploring push and pull forces


I am looking forward to having you all back in school to teach you in person but for now make sure you are looking after yourselves and everyone else in your house. Your challenge today is to do one helpful thing for everyone else in your house.


Mr Piper

Monday 20th April


As you know we should all be returning to school today to start a new term of exciting learning together today. I am in school all week this week and I will miss each and every one of you who I would love to see sat in our class learning and having fun if it was possible. However, as I have told all of you all year I am a super massive genius so I have tried my best to put together some work that you can do at home that will not only teach you new things but also give you the opportunity to have some fun when doing them.


Your tasks today are:


- Use imperative verbs when writing instructions

- identify unit and non-unit fractions

- research an Ancient Egyptian artefact.


I have attached a word document which explains what I would like you to do and how to do each activity. I have also uploaded some PowerPoints which will help you with some more understanding. 


If you have any questions or issues please contact school where I will be all week or tweet or email the school.


I'm really missing getting to teach you all everyday you are such a great class to teach and I can't wait till I get to teach you in our classroom again. Please do get in touch as I would love to hear how you have been getting on.


Mr Piper



Maths- White Rose Home Learning

Find videos and activities in this link:

Thursday 2nd April




As you know we are not able to go out and meet people like we would normally do because we have to stay in our houses. Because of this, today I would like you to write a letter to someone you are not able to see. This could be a fiend or a family member who you would like to see. To do this you need to remember what we have already learned about letters this year.


  • always start with Dear
  • write a different paragraph for each new thing you want to talk about
  • remember you are writing in the first person
  • you can use informal language as you know the person you are writing to








This sheet will help you see the link between your 2 X, 4 X and the 8 X tables. you need to work by doubling the first number all the way along. The first one has been done for you where 2 is doubled to make 4, 4 doubled makes 8, and finally 8 doubled makes 16.


When you have finished if you want an extra challenge can you double your final answer and work out what X table that would be.





Choose one book and read it to different people in your house. Each time you read it you will be more confident so try to put on different voices for different characters or change your tone depending on how the person is speaking.

Wednesday 1st April




Today is April fool's day so I would like you to write a story about an April fool's joke that a child might play on their parent. 


Some things that I would like you to include in your story:


  • paragraphs 
  • Capital letters and full stops
  • speech that uses inverted commas





Today we are going to continue to work on multiplication activities with the sheet below.




If you have scissors you can cut these dominoes out and see if you can make a trail of them. If you do not have scissors you can write numbers next to each one to show the order that they go in. 




Follow the link above and listen or read to the story of the animals of ancient Egypt. When you have finished can you draw me a picture of your favourite animal and what it tells you about them.



Other activities         Spanish dancing                Spelling shed





Tuesday 31st March




Today in English I would like you to practise something that we have done a lot of in class this year. I would like you to revisit some of the work you have done on previous days to edit and improve it. We do this in class with your purple polishing pen so if you have a different coloured pen or pencil you could use that to show where you have improved your work.


Things to remember when editing your work:


  • Look for capital letters at the start of each sentence and for proper nouns
  • Check that each of your sentences are punctuated properly
  • Can you add any descriptive language to make your work more interesting
  • Does your work make sense? Read it to yourself out loud to check it reads well
  • Can you change any of the words to make it more interesting remember we banned the words happy/sad/nice in class





Following the instructions on the sheet below will allow you to find the missing numbers. For question 3 and 4 you need to put the original number into the question and then for 5 and 6 you need to draw the full question.


You may need to use the division skills we looked at yesterday by using your own number lines to help you.





Read a book to another person in your house. Make sure you are using intonation which means that you are changing your voice depending on what is happening in the book, so if a character is whispering you should be too.


Monday 30th March




Read the section below from your pack and answer the questions on the bottom of the sheet. When you have finished draw a picture of the scene which is described. When you have drawn your picture now try and write your own description of the scene using prepositions and descriptive language to make it interesting.


Prepositions - These describe the position of something (above, next to, behind...)

Descriptive language - adjectives, similes, metaphors, expanded noun phrases








Use the 3 sheets in your pack to practise dividing using a number line. To divide using a number line you start from 0 and count in the number you are dividing by (in 48 ÷ 8 you would need to count in 8's). Show these additions by jumping  on your number line, to help you write the number you have landed on underneath so you remember where you are up to. Your final jump should land on the final number and then to work out your answer you need to count the amount of jumps you have made.




If you click on the link below you can watch a video to see the lessons that we would have been doing today as well as an activity to complete.




Other activities


Stay active by taking part in some of the activities below or go out for a walk or bike/scooter ride with other people from your house. - cosmic kids yoga - Joe Wicks workouts - Kidz Bop



Friday 27th March




In this sheet from your pack you have to correct the incorrect spellings. All these words are  on your Year 3/4 spelling lists but some of them we may not have covered just yet. As you can see the first half of the sheet has the incorrect words circled for you but in the second half you must find the incorrect word before you correct it.




In this sheet from your pack you must find the missing number from the multiplication triangles. 

If the top number is missing you multiply the bottom two numbers. If you are missing one of the bottom numbers you have to divide the top number by the bottom number. 


When you have finished the sheet why don't you draw your own multiplication triangles.



Find a book in your house and read it to someone. This can be your school reading book or any other reading books you have but read it aloud to someone else in your house




Other activities


You have been in your house for a week now and it is important you help the other people in your house so your challenge is to do 3 things that help around your house. These could be tidying up after yourself, washing the dishes, looking after siblings or anything else that helps in your house.

Thursday 26th March




Use the photo below and complete what you can see and what you can hear like you did on Monday.


When you have completed writing about your senses try writing a short story about one of the people on the beach and what they are doing. 


Remember to include:


  • Inverted commas if your characters are speaking
  • adjectives to make your story interesting for someone in your house to read
  • adverbs to describe your characters actions


When you have finished ask another person in your house to read your story and see if they can find any ways of improving it.






below is a method of multiplying 2 digit and 1 digit numbers. 


I will talk you through the first question.


First you would do 9 X 10 which is 90


Next you would do 9 X 3 which is 27


Finally you need to add the answers to the first two calculations. In this case 90+27. This means that the answer to 13 X 9 = 117. Try the rest by yourself and then try some of your own.








Your final reading task of the week is to answer questions on the image below like we have for the previous days.



1) What kind of monster is this?

2) Where did it come from? Has it been here before?

3) What do you think the kitten is dreaming of?

4) What is the monster going to do?

5) What do you think will happen next?

6) Continue this story to tell me what happens next


Other tasks


Create a map of your home and write instructions for someone to follow to fins something that you have hidden. Please take photos of your treasure map and send them to Miss Bilton and myself on twitter at @wallsendstpeter




Wednesday 25th March 






These 3 sheets  are in your maths pack and are for you to practise the times tables that we have learned this year. 


Firstly colour in or circle the numbers on the grid to show all the numbers in the given times tables.

Then use these to help you answer the questions on the rest of the sheet. 


When you have finished this task log-in to MathsShed to play the times table games.



The third page of your Spring activities booklet is below.




Use the prepositions given to you to write descriptions of the picture you can see. After that draw  your own picture in the box ans write a descriptive paragraph to describe it using prepositions. 


Remember to:


  • Write in full sentences using capital letters and punctuation
  • Use descriptive language to make your sentences more interesting 






1)What’s on the other side of the door?

2)What is the girl holding in her hand? 3)Why? What will she do with it?

4)How did she get to the forest?

5)Where is this?

6)Who hung the lanterns in the trees?

7)Where does the stream lead?

8)Write the rest of the story about what will happen next with speech marks.



Other activities 


 Log in to spelling shed to practise your spellings for this week as well as using Maths Shed to practise your times table.


Use YouTube to complete some Cosmic Kids yoga as a way to relaxand do some exercise in your house.



Tuesday 24th March




Following on from yesterday's work we will now look at adding 1 and 10 to different numbers. 


You first sheet involves you drawing out numbers using base 10 representations as shown and then adding or removing parts of the base 10 to answer the question.




The second activity for you to complete is to answer questions that use extracts from a hundred square. 



Moving right on the grid you add 1

Moving down on the grid you add 10

Moving left on the grid you subtract 1

Moving up on the grid you subtract 10




Today as part of your English activity you will need to change sentences so that they are in the past tense.



When you have completed these sentences try writing a recount of an activity we have done at school this year. Remember that we have already done the activity so that means you must always write in the past tense.



Things to remember when you are writing:


  • Start all sentences with capital letters.
  • Use punctuation at the end of each sentence.
  • Use fronted adverbials to order the things that you are talking about. - remember fronted adverbials need a comma after them.
  • Use descriptive language in your recount to make it interesting. These could be adjectives, adverbs or expanded noun phrases.





In the same way as yesterday look at the picture below and then answer the questions based on what you can infer from the picture.



1)What has happened here?

2)Why is the boy hanging from the tree?

3)Why is she wearing ice skates, but he isn’t?

4)What might she be saying to him?

5)How is he going to get down?

6)Write the rest of the story about what will happen next.



Other activities

Try and take part in some exercise at home, every morning Joe Wicks is delivering an online work out for you and your family to do in your house. Click on the link to take part in the work out at 9am every morning. 



In addition to this explore the website below, it has lots of audiobooks for you to listen to in your own times even if you don’t have the book. If you listen to them why not write a review you can give to your friends when we return to school.



Stay safe and we can't wait to have you all back in school. 


Mr Piper

Monday 21st March - Home learning activities




This maths activity is in your maths home learning packs.


In section A you need to write the the numbers out using numerals. 


eg.  four hundred and thirty seven =  437


In section B you must write out the value of the underlined numbers. For this you must remember your place value columns which are you Hundreds Tens and Ones. 


eg.              H  T  O

                   2  5  1


If the 2 is underlined it does not just mean 2. It is 200 because it is in the hundreds column.

If the 5 is underlined it would mean 50 because it is in the tens column.

If a number is in the ones column it does just mean the value of the digit so in this example the 1 just means 1.


In section C you are looking at the opposite of section B. You are given a value and you need to circle the correct digit.


eg.              eighty = 483


In this example you would need to circle the eight as it is in the tens column so it represent 80.




In Section D  you need to order the numbers in ascending order. This means putting them in order from smallest to largest. This is the opposite of descending order.


eg.   If I had the numbers;     364 / 215 / 925 / 246


The correct order would be 215 - 246 - 364 - 925


To get this answer you firstly need to look at the hundreds column to find the smallest number. In my example my smallest hundred was 200 but I had 2 of them so next you have to look at the tens column. In the tens column there was a 1 and a 4 so then I knew 215 was the smallest number and 246 had to be the second smallest. After that, you repeat the steps until you have ordered all the numbers.


Trying to trick you


Be careful when ordering your numbers because you might look at the first numbers and thing that 74 is bigger than 135 because 7 is bugger than 1. However, remember that a 3-digit number is always bigger than a 2-digit number.









In your home school pack you have the sheet below. On this sheet it asks you what you can see and what you can hear, you have to imagine you are on this boat sailing away on holiday. Describe what you can see and hear using adjectives and other descriptive features we have looked at in Year 3. When you have finished writing what you could see and hear you can write a diary entry for a day on the ship.


Things to remember for your diary entry:


  • In the first person - so use I/my
  • In the past tense - Everything has happened already
  • You should start your diary entry with Dear diary,
  • Can you use fronted adverbials to add a chronological order to your day - you might use first/next/after that/ finally


When you have finished your diary entry why not ask your parents to tweet it to @wallsendstpeter so that I can see what amazing work you've been doing.







Look at the picture below and then answer the questions about what you think is going on.






1)Who is ‘Little Taylor’?

2)What is Taylor doing? Why?

3)What happened before this picture?

4)What is Taylor going to do? Is it the right thing to do? What are his reasons?

5)Write the rest of the story.




Other tasks


Remember that as well as the tasks that are above and will be set every day you can still go on spelling shed to practise your spellings. There is also the Commando Joe's tasks that you can try to complete. As well as this remember that every morning at 9am Joe Wicks is doing a work out on his YouTube channel that you can take part in from home. Keep in touch with school as best you can by showing us the amazing work you are doing by asking your adult to send us pictures on twitter @wallsendstpeter


Remember that we are looking forward to seeing you back in school when this is all over and that you can do your bit to help by continuing to wash your hands for 20 seconds regularly.

Commando Joe's have very kindly donated some homework activities that you can complete at home when our school is closed. Why not try the different activities and complete all 3 sheets if you can.


Take photos and tweet them to @Wallsendstpeter so that all the staff can see the amazing activities you have been taking part in.


Mr Piper Twinkl have kindly agreed to parents logging in to these resources for free so their children can access these at home.


Workout for Kids with the Body Coach at


North Tyneside's Home Learning Platform

Things to do indoors with children

Spring term learning:

Literacy: Persuasive Writing 

Maths: Multiplication and division

Topic: Brazil

Science: Plants