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Year 2

Self care activities for Summer

Fun activities to try during half term

Class Reads

Spring term learning:

Literacy: Book study on Toys in Space by Mini Grey, Insructions and Explanations

Maths: Money, multiplication and division and then fractions 

Topic: The Great Fire of London

Science: Materials

Summer Term Learning:

Literacy: SPAG activities, letter writing, descriptive writing and traditional tales including play scripts

Maths: Shape and telling the time, as well as keeping + - x and ÷ going

Science: Plants 

Topic: Where will the time machine take us? Travel back through time and learn about famous people who have shaped history. 


Useful websites: Twinkl have kindly agreed to parents logging in to these resources for free so their children can access these at home.


Workout for Kids with the Body Coach at


North Tyneside's Home Learning Platform

Maths- White Rose Home Learning

Find videos and activities in this link:


Easter fun

English - Talk For Writing Unit of Work

Read Write Inc (RWI)


Daily handwriting will be extremely beneficial. This can be from forming lower case and upper case letters to joining words when appropriate. No more than 10minutes is needed or try to do it in a more fun way:

  • Use different mediums – paint, sand, playdough, crayons, chalk outside or even writing on an Ipad app etc
  • Leave secret notes around the house and make it into a game
  • Write a letter or note to friends and family
  • Make a to do list for the day
  • Make a list of movies you would like to watch
  • Make up monster/dinosaur nonsense names
  • Who can make the longest nonsense word

Extra ideas and resources from 4Schools Durham University 

To coincide with the #MuseumFromHome event, the 4Schools team have been hard at work developing new resources for teachers and pupils alike. From Ancient Egyptian board games, to Ancient Greek plays. 

Mental Health and Well Being

Religious Education (R.E)

Week 1 23rd March 2020

Week 2 30th March 2020

Week 3 14th April 2020

Week 4 20th April 2020

Week 5 27th April 2020

VE Day Resources


Login to parents for home use: 

User Name: sch345  Password: writing

Week 7 11th May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week 
Compassion Matters is a free programme for primary schools from The Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion. This programme aims to create a kinder and happier society by showing our children what compassion is and inspiring them to lead compassionate lives. The programme deepens knowledge of what it means to be human, the experiences and challenges of life and helps children to build skills to support their resilience and long term wellbeing, all of which are particularly relevant at the minute.
At home learning resources available from aimed at younger children: These resources come from America and contain a number of activities to promote social and emotional learning. You need to register to access the resources but once registered there are lots of workbooks that can be accessed for free.

Week 11 15th June 2020

Design A Duck Competition with Greggs


Greggs has long been a valued supporter of Children In Need, working in Partnership for many years raising much needed funds in support of good causes.

The Annual Duck Race is sponsored by Greggs so the opportunity has risen to ask our schools to join in, have some fun and get creative by designing what could be a winning ‘Greggs’ inspired Duck for the Sweepstake Race.


Please use the attached template – information on how to submit your entry is also provided on this sheet. Although your entries DO NOT come to us it would be nice to see a couple of your fantastic creations.  


Don’t forget to give your Duck a really cool name, say why he or she is so special and complete the beak ratings.


Enjoy and have a ‘Quacking’ time!

Week 12 22nd June 2020

Wednesday 25th June RSE Day

A day for everyone to think about their role in promoting healthy relationships. Please see link below for further information, ideas and activities:

Week 13 29th June 2020


Last week school delivered, or parents/carers picked up, work books for the children to work through over the next few weeks and the summer ready for returning in September. Therefore there will be no more work put online each week but there is still daily reads below as well as website links further up to games and activities. 

Topic Reads 

Famous faces from the past 

Things to do indoors with children