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Year 2

Spring term learning:

Literacy: Book study on Toys in Space by Mini Grey, Insructions and Explanations

Maths: Money, multiplication and division and then fractions 

Topic: The Great Fire of London

Science: Materials

Useful websites: Twinkl have kindly agreed to parents logging in to these resources for free so their children can access these at home.


Workout for Kids with the Body Coach at

Y2 - PSHE Activities:


Over the next few weeks, our PSHE topic will be changing however, this half term has been all about aiming high, going for goals, mindfulness and positivity. Looking at recent events and the way things currently are in the UK and the world right now, it would make sense to continue this topic for a little while longer.


Instead of setting you worksheets to be getting on with, I’d rather you took this time to enjoy the things you love doing. Therefore, here are a few ideas of how you could spread positivity and keep your mind calm:


·Draw a rainbow and post it in your window, letting everyone know you’re staying safe,

·Take a piece of paper into the garden and focus on a specific area or object – take your time to draw it and colour it in,

·Cosmic Kids on YouTube have some fab Yoga activities – do 30 minutes of Yoga keeping your mind free and calm,

·Write a list of 5 things you want to achieve – this could be at home, after schools clubs, school etc…

·Become the teacher – spend a day teaching your grown up all the things you learn at school,

·Take a book into the garden and spend some quiet time reading.


Please send us some photos, either on Facebook or Twitter of you carrying out some positivity in your household! This will certainly make us smile! 


Daily handwriting will be extremely beneficial. This can be from forming lower case and upper case letters to joining words when appropriate. No more than 10minutes is needed or try to do it in a more fun way:

  • Use different mediums – paint, sand, playdough, crayons, chalk outside or even writing on an Ipad app etc
  • Leave secret notes around the house and make it into a game
  • Write a letter or note to friends and family
  • Make a to do list for the day
  • Make a list of movies you would like to watch
  • Make up monster/dinosaur nonsense names
  • Who can make the longest nonsense word

Week 1 23rd March 2020

Week 2 30th March 2020

Things to do indoors with children

Things to do indoors with children 1