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Year 2

Come and have a look at the fun things we do in Year 2.


Mrs Gregan

Year 2 - Maths Work

Year 2 - Hindu Festivals of Colour to celebrate the beginning of Spring

Year 2 - Centre for Life Visit

Year 2 - Lost Things

Writing and Artwork

Christmas Fun with Year 2

Year 2 Science Assembly

Look at some of our biscuits for Children in Need!

Inter Faith Week

This week in Year 2 we have been investigating the Buddhist faith.  We learnt about the story of Prince Siddhartha Guatama and how he became the first Buddha.  We also looked at the symbols associated with Buddhism such as the lotus flower and dharma wheel.  We especially liked looking at photos of Buddhist temples and finding out about how Buddhists worship - we even tried meditating ourselves. 

Year 2 will remember them

Anti-Bullying Week

As the theme for this year's Anti-bullying week is 'Power for Good' we decided to link this important week to our instruction writing in literacy.  We wrote instructions on 'How to be a Good Friend'.  During our discussions, we realised that a lot of our ideas, were in fact our Christian values such as love, respect, generosity and many more.  We also decorated friendship hands and created a Year 2 friendship wreath.