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Year 1

Self care Activities for Summer

WB 22nd June - RE (Judaism)

WB 15th June - RE (Judaism)


This half term you are going to learn about the Jewish faith.  Watch the video by clicking the link and look at the Classroom Ideas for activities linked to the video.

I hope you are all well and staying safe. 

Miss McFarlane

Literacy - WB 1st June 2020 - PLEASE READ AS WRONG ONE WAS PUT ON

Miss Smith's Sky Scanner! What can you see? Can you make your own? All you need is some paper, scissors and pens/ pencils!

Maths Challenge- Can you work out what numbers the monsters represent?

Fun activities to try during half term

Bella Bear's Daily Challenge- Thursday 21st May

Bella Bear's Daily Challenge - Wednesday 20th May

Bella Bear's Daily Challenge- Tuesday 19th May

Bella Bear's Daily Challenge - Monday 18th May

WB 18th May - PE

WB 18th May - Topic (Including WB 11th May, sorry it never posted)

Primary Wellbeing Activities

PSHE - Summer Term 1

PE - WB 4th May (PE Snakes and Ladders)

Bella Bear's Daily Challenge (7)

Bella Bear's Daily Challenge (6)

Bella Bear's Daily Challenge (5)

Bella Bear's Daily Challenge (4) (Sorry she had a little break for a few days)

Topic / DT - WB 27th April

Bella Bear's Daily Challenge (3)

Topic (History and Geography) - WB 20th April

Bella Bear's Daily Challenge (2)

Bella Bear's Daily Challenge (1)

Phase 2 Sound activities - Recap on some phase 2 words if children are struggling with any work set.

Alphabet Scavenger Hut- What can you find in your home/ garden with all the letters in the Alphabet? (You could always create your own version of this sheet)

Fine Motor Skills Ideas - Things you may be able to find and use at home!

Topic and DT - School Closure Week 3 - WB 13th April

Science- School Closure Week 3- WB 13th April

Maths- White Rose Home Learning

Find videos and activities in this link:

North Tyneside's Home Learning Platform

Hello Year 1! Happy holidays, as it is officially the Easter holidays, I am not going to post any work for this week. Take some time to relax, have fun. I am so proud of how hard you have all worked this term, I really hope you enjoy some well deserved time off. I have uploaded some drawing tutorials/ colouring sheets for you to have a go at if you would like to. I am missing you all and can't wait to see you all again, hopefully soon. Miss Smith.

Year 1 -PSHE Week 2

Year 1- Week 2 - Topic and Art

Year 1 - Week 2 Science

Year 1 - Science



See the question booklet provided in home packs for this weeks science. I will not post anything new for Science until after Easter due to it being the end of a unit. 


Miss Smith

year 1 Week 1 School Closure- Topic ( History/ Geography) activities

Big Numbers Song | Count to 100 Song | The Singing Walrus

Keep practicing counting to 50, and if you're feeling brave,.. 100! We love this song in year 1, feel free to listen, sing and join in!

Count to 100, come and count with me!!!

colour by number- addition edition!

Super fun indoor activities! How many can you do?

Lego Challenge!

Twinkl have kindly agreed to parents logging in to these resources for free so their children can access these at home.

Workout for Kids with the Body Coach at

Things to do indoors with children

Year 1 had lots of fun in Science, investigating materials to see if they are waterproof. We used different materials to see if we could make an umbrella for Hopsy the rabbit. We then poured water over the top to see which umbrellas would protect the rabbit from getting wet. 

Some fantastic maths happening in year 1! We have been looking at numbers to 50 and comparing them. We used greater than/ less than (crocodile mouths as we like to call them) to compare the numbers. The crocodile always eats the biggest number!

Look at this amazing handwriting progress! Super impressed!

Spring term learning:

Literacy: Traditional tales and then poetry 

Maths: Addition and subtraction

Topic: The Great Fire of London

Science: Materials