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Woodland Project

We are proud to be part of the Woodland Project at St Peter's. Our Reception class have been enjoying taking part and the impact on their learning has been incredible. We predict that more children will achieve GLD (Good Level of Development) through their enhanced skills from participating in this project.


What is the Woodland Project?

The Woodland project is an exciting collaboration between NT Parks, Schools, EYSIS and Northumbria University.


The project enables regular visits to, and use of, a local wild woodland area by groups of up to 15 Nursery, Reception or Year 1 children. Our Reception pupils have a dedicated space at Wallsend Park which they love and they visit regularly.


What will they learn?

Regular use of an outdoor space enables some key early learning principles to be introduced and developed, these include;

  • Understanding, knowing and developing a space, to embed ownership and to widen and broaden experiences.
  • Building emotional, social, mental and physical resilience and health
  • Direct contact with natural outdoor elements.
  • Child expertise and planning dictating experiences. Children lead and shape learning.
  • Applying a range of core learning skills in a challenging context; self-regulation, perseverance, creativity, imagination, personal responsibility, team work
  • Creating and building narratives.
  • Becoming experts.
  • Building a sense of competent self by improving self-confidence, self-awareness, positive self-image, sense of achievement.
  • Improving and extending practitioners understanding of individual children’s strengths.
  • Enabling children to apply skills and knowledge in a truly child initiated context.
  • Improving outcomes for the most disadvantaged children.


Who is involved?

Zoe Frazer, Senior Education Warden at North Tyneside Parks coordinates delivery of the project alongside education wardens. They support children and staff during their woodland experiences, undertaking full risk and site assessments, working alongside children to develop skills and capacities and supporting staff to document learning whilst challenging children to their greatest potential.


Emma Packard, School Improvement Advisor for early years at EYSIS, liaises between schools and parks, working with Zoe and Head teachers to create bespoke and responsive offers which reflect the individual needs of settings, staff and children.


Zoe and Emma work closely together, gathering further evidence, providing additional support with related practice and provision, reviewing needs and impact, coordinating long term collaboration events, providing opportunities for CPD and amending and reviewing the extent and scope of the project . Staff are invited to work as part of a wider team to discuss associated pedagogy, approaches and practice and to share ideas and questions about the project at termly sessions.


Researchers from Northumbria University are spending this academic year evaluating the project, so that qualitative and quantative comparisons can be made about the impact of the project.


Please get in touch if you would like any more information about the project.