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 Week beginning 18th January 

The Gingerbread Man

Read the story each day. 


Activity 1

Draw your own picture of the gingerbread man.  

What does the Gingerbread Man say when the other characters tell him to stop?

Adults can draw a speech bubble and write inside your child's response. Explain to the children what a speech bubble is.

You can then write the words run run as fast as you can on individual pieces of paper and support your child to sequence the words to make the sentence.

Children who are able to can have a go at writing the first sentence themselves. 'run, run as fast as you can'  Tell your child you is a tricky red word and show them how it is written.

Activity 2

Draw a story map and record your child retelling the story. 

Activity 3

Think of other ways the Gingerbread man could get across the river.  Can you build a bridge or a boat for him to use?


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Understanding of the World
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