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The Hungry Caterpillar Drawing


Draw a tiny caterpillar.


Draw a big fat caterpillar.


Draw a beautiful butterfly.


Can you cut your drawings out and make them into puppets?


You could use them to retell the story.

Letter formation rhymes



Every day practice writing the 'curly caterpillar' letters - c o a d g f s q.


They all start in the same place.

Say the rhyme as you write.


c - curl around the caterpillar


o - all around the orange


a - round the apple, up and down the leaf


d - round the dinosaurs back, up his tall neck and down to his toes


g -around the girls face, down her hair and give her a curl


s - slither down the snake


f - down the stem and draw the leaves


q -round her head, up past her earring, down her hair and flick.


Draw each letter a few times. Make it fun by using different colour pens or pencils.  Draw the letters in a shallow tray of sand or salt.  Use a paintbrush and water to make the letters on concrete or a fence outside when it is dry.  Chalk can also be used to practice writing.