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Parent voice survey Nov/Dec 2020

Parent/Family ICT Questionnaire June 2020

Parent/Family ICT Questionnaire June 2020

From the Autumn term we are considering moving our method of delivering homework to children to an IT based solution ie. Google Classroom. Please would you complete the questionnaire as a starting point so we can plan how we can best do this. You can either write your answers as part of the form below, or download and complete the questionnaire and email it to the school office at:

Many thanks to all the parents and carers who took the time to complete our February 2018 survey. We received 43 responses and I have included the results below, which are overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to those of you who took the time to write positive comments in the box provided. I have also outlined how we are addressing any concerns/queries that were mentioned.


98% of you agreed that your child is happy at Wallsend St. Peter's. Only 2% (1 response) disagreed.

All 100% of you agreed that your child feels safe at our school. None disagreed.

All 100% agreed that your child makes good progress at St. Peter's. None disagreed.

100% agreed that your child is taught well. None disagreed.

93% agreed that your child receives age-appropriate homework. Only 5% disagreed.

95% agreed that children at Wallsend St.Peter's are well-behaved. None disagreed.

67% of you agreed that bullying is dealt with effectively. However, of the rest, 28% stated that they did not know as they had not had any experience of any bullying. This is also a positive response.

93% of you agreed that the school is currently well-led and managed. None disagreed.

98% agreed that the school responds to any concerns. None disagreed.

98% agreed that they receive information about their child's progress.


98% of the respondents would recommend Wallsend St. Peter's to another parent.


Thank you very much for all of your support!




Here are just some of the positive comments we received:


smiley "Both of my children love St. Peter's"

smiley "It’s great that the staff are very approachable to address any concerns, and they have gone out of their way to address it and to give me regular feedback."

smiley "My child is happy to attend school daily."

smiley "I like the recognition children get for good work."

smiley "Great school! Acted straight away on any problems we have had!"

smiley "All staff are friendly and helpful."

smiley "Breakfast Club is good."

smiley "Thank you to the nursery staff for their continued support with my son and encouraging his development. I am overwhelmed at how he has progressed both sociably and academically since starting at St Peter’s." 

smiley "I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have had one-to-one chats with the staff about my son’s progression and the tapestry app is a fantastic insight into my child’s day to day development."


I am delighted that so many of you are happy here at Wallsend St. Peter's.



As a school we take all comments seriously, so please read our responses to concerns/queries:


"I am not sure of the communication channels to feed back positive and negative" 

Here at Wallsend St. Peter's we offer an open-door policy to be available for all parents or carers who would like to speak to a member of staff. While teachers are teaching the class, it may not be possible to speak directly to them immediately but appointments can be made to speak with them at the end of the school day. As Acting Headteacher, I am supported by an Acting Deputy Headteacher, plus Key Stage Leaders, so there is always a Senior member of staff available to respond to any comments or queries that you have.

Alternatively, I will respond to emails and phone calls at the earliest convenience.


"Other schools push their bright children more."

Our whole school focus this term is to challenge pupils at all ability levels to ensure that they make rapid progress.


"KS2 children need more help and encouragement with reading."

Since Christmas we have been very lucky that volunteers from St. Peter's church and the local community have been in school two afternoons per week to listen to the children read. This is ongoing and will continue into the future. My intention from after the Easter break is to also be available two afternoons per week in the hope that I can get through every child in the school, spending time enjoying books with them, helping when needed and encouraging them to read.


"For the children's safety I would like to know the system when a child is collected by someone who is not a regular/familiar face."

Safeguarding of all pupils is paramount. Our parent contact forms ask for names and contact details of other family members/familiar adults who also have permission to collect your child or be contacted in an emergency. Reminders are sent out requesting that if a child is to be collected by someone other than their regular adult, then school must be informed in advance. If an unfamiliar adult arrives to collect a child without prior warning, they are asked to wait until the parent is contacted and permission given. Our systems are updated regularly, so please inform us if there are any changes to be made regarding these emergency contact names or numbers.