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Practice counting from 1 to 11 and backwards from 11 to 0.


Do 11 claps.  Throw and catch a ball 11 times. If working inside you could use a pair of socks.

Make a goal post. Kick the ball (or socks) to score 11 goals.


Can you make a set of 11 items.  Can you find the number 11 anywhere?


Make your own Numberblock 11.

3D Shape


Modelling - use a variety of empty boxes, tubes, lids etc. Build a model for a purpose e.g a new chair for bay bear, a bridge for the 3 Billy Goats.  Talk about the model. Which shapes were easy to fasten together?  Which shapes were difficult to fasten together?  What are the names of the shapes you have used?


Construction sets could also be used to build models and make shapes.


If you have playdough or plasticine have a go at making 3D shapes,  cube, pyramid, sphere, cone.

Which shapes are the easiest to make?  Why?  Which are harder to make? Why?

Did you make any equipment to help you make a flat side?


Go on a shape hunt.  What shapes can you find?  Can you draw them?


Key Vocabulary :- shape, pattern, flat, curved, straight, round, hollow, solid, corner, face, side, edge, end, sort, make, build, draw, cube, pyramid, sphere, cone, circle, triangle, square, rectangle, star


How to make playdough -


Why not make your own set of 3D shapes to keep out of salt dough



Upload photographs of your models to Tapestry or Twitter. We would love to see them.




Each day talk about what day it is. What day will it be tomorrow?  Talk about when things will happen in the day.  

Draw a simple time line to show the plan for the day. You could talk about the time some activities will happen and point out what o'clock times look like on a watch or clock. 


Keep a diary of what you do each day to look back on.  On Monday we made a castle.  On Tuesday we played with the cars.  


Thinking about the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar talk about what happened on each day.


Can your child sing the days of the week song?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday , Saturday, Sunday too. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 days, each one's different and each day's new.


Key vocabulary -  days of the week: Monday, Tuesday… day, week, morning, afternoon, evening, night, bedtime, dinnertime, playtime, today, yesterday, tomorrow, before, after next, last now, soon, early, late, hour, o’clock clock, watch, hands