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Welcoming pupils back to school

It has been amazing to welcome our Reception pupils back to school today and some more key worker children. It's lovely to hear them laughing with their friends! To follow our risk assessment in keeping all children as safe as possible all pupils must be dropped-off and collected by an adult at the following times so we can stay socially distanced:

Reception = 9:15am drop-off and 3:00pm collection. Fridays collected at 12:15pm

Y1 = 9:30am drop-off and 3:15pm collection. Fridays collected at 12:30pm

Y6 = 9:00am drop-off and 2:45pm collection. Fridays collected at 12:00pm

Key worker and vulnerable children = 9:00am drop-off and 3:30pm collection every day.


Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will welcome Y1 pupils back to school too and from Wednesday Y6 pupils can attend. All pupils we are expecting to return have been placed into social bubbles which will stay together with the same staff. We have tried to keep friends together where possible, but to keep the social bubbles small and safe some pupils may not be taught by their usual teacher or in their usual classroom.


The staff have worked hard preparing lessons that are focused on building friendships again and giving your children lots of time to talk and be nurtured. They have also planned to teach the curriculum that they have missed over these past few months and the children will have lots of opportunities to develop their skills. Work will still be posted online on the class pages of this website, although this may be reduced in Reception, Y1 and Y6 as their teachers will be with the pupils in school. 


The children of Key Workers and vulnerable children are welcome to attend school for childcare. They will be provided with opportunities to complete some of the work from their class page of our website but will spend most of the time doing fun activities including lots of physical exercise, art, playing games etc.


As always, feel free to email or telephone us if you have any questions. Thank you.