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Photographs consent

Can I please respectfully remind you that we can only show photographs of your child in school or on trips if you have ticked and signed to give your consent for the photographs to be used. Under GDPR law, we cannot send copies of any photographs home, but can display them in school or post them on school social media if you give consent for us to do this. Photographs of pupils with signed consent from their parents may be displayed on our website, Twitter or Facebook pages with their work or from school trips and visits. You can then view the photographs at your leisure. Please be aware that not all parents/carers give permission for their child's photograph to be used and this may be for a variety of reasons. We respect their decision and always ensure that consent is followed. If you would like to see photographs of your child at school or on trips, please make sure that you have signed the consent form to give us permission to show these. Blank copies of these forms are available at our school office if you would like to update your consent. Please also note that if you give consent for your child's name to be shared, we will only show their first name. By following these rules we are complying with the law and keeping all pupils safe.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.