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No smoking at the school entrance

It has come to my attention that some parents/carers are smoking and using bad language at our school entrance. Can I respectfully remind you that smoking of any kind is not permitted anywhere on our school premises or where it can affect our pupils. If there is evidence that other substances have been used near our school then I will immediately inform Northumbria Police.


When collecting children from school, any parent/carer who appears to be under the influence of a drug or alcohol, or present in such a manner as to suggest his or her ability to safely collect a child is impaired, then they will be asked to wait at school until the child can be collected by another adult from the emergency contact list. Social Services and Northumbria Police will also be informed. Staff will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse and reserve the right to call the Police in the event of this occurring. All staff at Wallsend St. Peter's owe a duty of care to the children in our school to ensure their safety is paramount.


Recent reminders have also been given about not using inappropriate language where children can hear.

My role is to safeguard all pupils in our care and I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.