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Information about more pupils attending school

Please be aware that the only group that we can add more pupils to is the Key Worker group currently, and this is nearing capacity as we have some on the list due to start in the next two weeks. Please check with our school office for spaces and give us at least 48 hours notice if you wish your child to join this group.


All other bubbles are set and currently we cannot add any more children to these bubbles. Many are already at capacity for the size of the room now and we cannot mix bubbles otherwise we risk spreading the virus. Therefore I am sorry to have to turn some of you down for a place in school now as the final deadline dates have now passed in Reception, Y1, Y5 and Y6. We have some staff unable to be in school for health reasons so they are working from home as directed by the government. This is the right thing for them to do. However, it means that we don't have enough staff available in school to open new bubbles to any other year groups.  I am sure that you understand the need to keep all children and staff in school as safe as possible and I thank you for your support in this.


We are waiting for further information from the government about new expectations in schools but this information won't arrive until next week. Until then I don't know any more information than what we all heard yesterday from the Prime Minister about rule changes in general public from 4th July. It is extremely important in school that we follow strict guidelines from the DfE so that we can keep all pupils and staff as safe as possible. We will hopefully receive information before we break up for the summer holidays on 17th July about government expectations for schools in September. I will update you all once Heads receive more information and we can adapt our plans as safety allows.


Thank you for your amazing support as always.