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Important information about partial reopening of school

I hope that you and your family are safe and well and are managing during this challenging time.


Since the announcement was made last Sunday that schools are reopening to pupils in Reception, Y1 and Y6 we have received extensive information from the Government that we must implement. We have been holding meetings with the senior leadership team, The Local Authority, the Diocese, the Chair of Governors & Vice Chair, as well as receiving union advice. These are continuing so that we can make plans that will keep everyone as safe as possible.


As you know the health, safety and well-being of all children and staff is paramount in every decision that we make and in order for us to even start considering opening school to more children, we have to be confident that it is absolutely safe for all.


What St Peter's will look like until the summer holidays:

The plan that we are creating has been incredibly well thought out and every decision that is being made has had health and safety at its very heart. We aim to meet the needs of all of our school community here at Wallsend St Peter's. Please be reassured that we will ensure that these things will be implemented in a warm way that doesn't make your child feel frightened. Our staff are excellent at nurturing children and will make sure that things are fun and make your child feel comfortable in school.


Some of the things that we are considering based upon Government guidance are as follows:

• Staggered entry and exit times to and from school

• No admittance of parents into the school building, including the office.

• Classes split into groups because of our classroom sizes. This means that some children will not be taught in their usual classroom or by their usual teacher

• Staggered breaktimes

• Staggered lunchtimes

• Soft furnishings and cuddly toys removed from classrooms with tables split to seat children at separate tables to encourage social distancing 

• Classrooms and frequently-touched areas will be cleaned throughout the day

• Resources such as pencils, rulers and sports equipment not to be shared outside of groups without being disinfected. School equipment will be provided for all individuals

• Very limited movement around school

• No dinner hall for lunchtimes (no mixing of children outside of their group). Packed lunches in disposable packaging only

• Frequent hand-washing

• Children will not be able to bring any bags or equipment from home other than their water bottle

• Toilets will be managed by cleaning them as often as possible throughout the school day


Children must wear clothes which can be washed every day. This could be their own clothes or school uniform if they wish, but by wearing clean clothes every day we can reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Hopefully the weather will remain warm and dry over the summer term so coats don’t need to be worn. Coats brought into school will be put on the back of their chair or in their lockers.


If you choose not to send your child into school, online learning and work packs will still be available. It is entirely your choice and no fines will be sent for non-attendance. We will respect whatever decision you make based on what is best for your family.


Other Year Groups:

If your child is not in the year groups that we are opening to, then online learning and work packs will continue as normal.


Key Workers:

Our key worker childcare will still run as normal but must be booked a week in advance so we can ensure that we have enough staff available. If you would like further information, please just contact school.


Staff have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes ensuring that online learning is available to you all as well as work packs on a regular basis. They have always answered telephone calls and email requests promptly and have really worked so hard to support your children- often even having children of their own to look after. Many are also shielding so I am taking their risks into consideration too. It has been really lovely to share all of your positive comments with them so thank you.


Teachers require PPE training and need to have a full understanding of how we will keep everyone safe, so Monday 1st June will be a teacher training day.


Please let us know as soon as possible if your child will be attending school in June so I can share final plans with you all. This can be done when I have approximate numbers of pupils.


Take care and stay safe.