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Good improvements

Recently we welcomed a team of advisors and consultants from the Local Authority School Improvement team to work with us to identify the improvements made in school over the last year. I am delighted that they identified many improvements and the pupils are making such good progress. The LA team agreed with all of our own judgements and highlighted many positives. They also agreed with the areas for further improvement that we had already identified as a Senior Leadership Team and Governors, so we know that we are targeting the correct priorities. 

The written feedback from this visit will be with us soon so I will share this with you when it arrives, but in the meantime I would like to thank you all for your ongoing support for our lovely little school. With so many changes happening it has been a very busy year but the improvements now seen have made it all worthwhile. This has given us a renewed boost to push forward with our targets, as the focus still remains in providing the very best education possible for every child so we can enable them to achieve their potential.

Please come to speak to me if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this.

Thank you.