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Early Years outdoor area

During the Easter holidays the landscapers were able to get started with our newly designed outdoor area in Early Years. It is not finished yet and we have lots more exciting things to add but I wanted to share a little glimpse of how it's looking so far. Everything has been designed and created with safety at the centre and we are working with experienced Early Years teachers and designers.

We're going to have new digging areas; a new mud kitchen; new sandpit; pulley systems; a 'hill' with different ways to climb up it and a tunnel through it; new planting areas; a construction area; a tall tower with different ways to enter and leave; places to build dens; sheltered areas; a new water area and much much more. It's a really exciting project and our youngest children are going to be able to learn many new skills in our amazing outdoor area.

Please keep checking in for updated photos and when it is completed there will be opportunities to visit and see it for yourself.