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Children of key workers and vulnerable children

I am proud of all of our school staff because they have continued to work throughout lockdown to provide online learning and paper learning packs for those who requested them. They have also been in school looking after children of key workers and vulnerable children. They are a real credit.


Remember that if you are a key worker, or your child is in the 'vulnerable' category they are entitled to come to school. If they are in Reception, Y1 or Y6 they will be in a social bubble with other members of their class as these are the year groups directed by the Government to return to school. If your child is in Nursery, Y2, Y3, Y4 or Y5 they can attend school every day for childcare and will enter and leave through the main entrance. We will print off some of the work for their year group from the class pages of the website so they can do it at tables in the hall and they will also do lots of physical exercise, painting, fun activities etc. However, they will not be 'taught' as there will be a mix of pupil ages in this one group. This is to follow directives from the Government. If guidance changes then we will keep you informed of the changes and how this will be managed in our school.


School will provide packed lunches for all children attending school and the only item that should be brought from home is a filled water bottle. If your child must bring a packed lunch from home then it must be in fully-disposable packaging that will not return home.


Children attending school do not have to wear their school uniform unless you wish them to. However, Public health England have recommended that clean clothes must be worn every day for school to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. Thank you.