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Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Wallsend St Peter's C of E Primary School we are fully committed to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing for the whole school community. This means understanding what mental health is and how we can support each other when experiencing personal challenges. This is an important part of our school ethos.


Mental Health First Aid Trained staff

As part of our commitment to ensuring all staff have appropriate training to support with mental health and wellbeing two members of staff at Wallsend St Peter's C of E Primary have recently trained in Mental Health First Aid. This training is now rolling out to all members of staff over the next few months so that as a whole school we are trained to help our school community when needed. 


Daily Mile

All classes complete the Daily Mile. We have been involved with this initiative since it was first introduced two years ago because we recognise the links between mental health and physical health.


Commando Joe's

All classes complete 'missions' through Commando Joe's. We are extremely fortunate that we work in conjunction with the excellent staff at NUFC Foundation who are trained to deliver this programme in school. Unique and challenging, the lessons will help to build pupils’ character and resilience by developing key attributes associated with a military ethos- such as discipline, confidence and courage.


To support their understanding of these life skills, children will be tasked with undertaking a series of fun and engaging 'missions' – supported by video endorsements from famous explorers such as Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Ed Stafford and Levison Wood.

The benefits of using this approach include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing greater resilience
  • Encouraging growth mindset
  • Improving attitudes towards learning
  • Increasing attendance
  • Improving educational outcomes
  • Metacognition and self regulation
  • Developing mental and physical resilience