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The Very Hungry Caterpillar


 - Listen to the story several times.


Talk about what happens in the story.  What did the caterpillar eat on Monday/Tuesday/Friday/Sunday?  What do you like to eat?  Can you draw a picture of your favourite foods and write labels for it?


Why did the caterpillar have a stomach ache? Have you ever had a stomach ache?  What happened?


What happened at the end of the story?  What might happen next?


 - Draw the events of the story in order.


 - Write a list of what the caterpillar ate.  Encourage children to say the words and listen to the sounds heard. Write those sounds.


 - Write some simple sentences about what the caterpillar ate..


For example; He ate one apple.  He ate two pears.


If children are confident with this can they write a longer sentence: On Monday he ate one apple.


Remind children


to say the sentence first

to read what they have written to see what word to write next

to leave spaces between words

to reread their sentence to check it makes sense.