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An Evolving and Improving School

We are a continually evolving and improving school that really makes a difference to the pupils in our care ………


What have we achieved this year/what have we put in place?

Impact of this ………..


Regular safeguarding updates and 'prevent' training for all staff.


Ensuring welfare and safeguarding of all our children and adults.

'Operation Encompass' training for all staff.


Secures the welfare and safeguarding of the children at St Peter’s.

Increased subject specific training for all staff.


More intensive focus on specific subjects and how they are delivered/planned, to ensure the best practice for all our pupils.

Paediatric first aid training for many staff.


Increased safeguarding for all of our children.

OTP – Outstanding Teaching Programme.


Reflecting and improving planning and delivery of lessons so our children receive the best learning experiences possible. 

S.O.L.E (Self, Organised, Learning Environment) approach to learning.


Encourages independent learning and promotes curiosity and enthusiasm amongst our pupils.

Subject leaders reviews and monitoring


Allows subject leaders the opportunity to investigate what is happening in their subject such as PE or Numeracy and the impact it is having across the school.  This has led to increased opportunities for our children across the curriculum.

Monitoring with staff and governors Governors meet regularly with staff to monitor learning in books and the learning environment to ensure that they have a shared understanding of the progress being made.

Use of Target Tracker.


Enables teachers to accurately assess pupils in line with the new curriculum requirements and has resulted in our staff having a deeper understanding of the children in their care.

Increased focus on fine motor skills – in the Early Years Department.


Our younger pupils have attained higher levels in writing.

Focus on self-regulations in the Early Years.


Our younger children have better developed skills around making relationship, managing feelings and their behaviour.


More opportunities for parents and carers to share learning with their child


Parental engagement building bonds between home and school.


Reading regularly for enjoyment


A number of families have now joined the Library which has encouraged our children to enjoy a range of books and other reading experiences. The library bus visits school once per month so all children have the opportunity to choose an exciting book.

Reading to a range of audiences Pupils get more opportunities to read to a range of people within school, including volunteers from the local church and community.

Visits to school from a range of stakeholders, including police and fire brigade.


Pupils have a greater understanding about these people who work in our society.

Visits for all pupils to a range of different places including parks, museums, China Town,  Rising Sun Country Park, Nissan, Beacon of Light and London.


Rich experiences for our pupils and opportunities for them to talk about what they have seen and develop their learning experiences in a range of subject areas. Parental engagement in school has also strengthened because of this. 

Secure school entrance, including the GDPR-compliant signing-in system


More secure and controlled access to school to ensure the safety and welfare of adults and children within school.


Experiential Curriculum.


Planning and delivery of lessons appropriately tailored to reflect emphasis on trips and visitors to school. Allows all of our pupils a range of experiences and increased learning opportunities.

Themed Weeks.

Focus on a particular topic such as E-safety, healthy eating, science and Inter Faith, to provide more experiences and deeper learning for our children at St Peter’s.

Golden curriculum time.


Encourages positive behaviour as well as providing opportunity for children to work creatively.

Topic based learning.

More extended writing opportunities in foundation subjects resulting in a greater depth of knowledge and understanding around these curriculum areas. Pupils can transfer their skills between a range of curriculum areas.

Floor Books.


Deeper thinking and investigative work carried out by our pupils that also encourages collaborative learning.

Extreme Reading.


Encouraging and promoting children to read in a fun way. A display of pupils reading in a 'weird place' has encouraged families to participate in reading in a fun way.

Accelerated Reading Key Stage 2 pupils are encouraged to read and take part in quizzes about the books they have read.

Music visitors.


Promote music lessons and enhances the profile of music amongst our children.

Music Teacher.


Greater emphasis on creativity in the classroom.  Specialist teacher meant children were given opportunity to learn at a greater depth.

Sporting achievements/ festivals


Increased sporting experiences for all of our pupils.  Promoting a healthy lifestyle. All pupils take part in the 'daily mile' which benefits them physically and mentally.

Christian values, linked to British values


Christian Value Assemblies, displays and certificates contribute to children gaining a deeper understanding of these values and encouraging them to live out these values in everyday life.